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We are so happy you could join us at the beginning of our adventure. We hope you will make your source for information about speech and language development, early learning skills, and the foundation for reading, writing and math. Together we will encourage and support each other as we share knowledge, stories, and insights. Our community will be comprised of parents, grandparents, nannies, teachers, speech-language pathologists, pediatricians, and early childhood specialists. Please return again and again to our web site to discover more as we continue to expand. This is only the beginning, and we are so glad you’re here!

Tara J. Tuck

Can you imagine how difficult it must be for a baby to figure out where one word ends and another begins when she hears, 'Doyouthinkwecanstopatmymothersonthewayhome?'

TJOL, page 91

Did you realize that when you are the speaker in a conversation, it is polite to look off to the side every so often so as not to bombard the listener with both your voice and your gaze?

TJOL, page 121

mother and child

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Read stories to your baby from early infancy and watch her attend to your face while on your lap and to the pictures you point to in the book. TJOL, The Basics: What EVERY Parent and Caregiver Needs to Know, p. 51


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